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About Hiexcel

Yangzhou Hiexcel Advanced Materials Co., Ltd is established year 2002. Situated at  yangzhou's  Economic Development Zone, where internationally renowned companies like Audi and Honda can also be found. The entire facility takes up an area of 40, 000 square meters, employing a growing number of workforce.

Initial investment is worth approximately 150 million RMB (US$18.75 million), mostly being invested in modern machinery and equipment purchased from different parts of the globe.

Our main products are:

  • hologram spangles (also known as sequins),
  • vacuum metallized paper/film,
  • hologram transfer film,
  • hologram hot stamping, and hot stamping foil 

Manufacturing capacity is estimated to be about 400 million square meters.
Adhering to the corporate development strategy of using "high tech, top quality macromolecule and advanced materials," the company employs advanced production technology techniques and performs strict quality control to ensure that only best grade items are released.


Our company firmly believes that customer satisfaction is Hiexcel satisfaction. We do not promise the perfect products, only the best products we can provide. Also part of our corporate values is to respect everyone is opinion while upholding the principles of the group. Our people are honest, detail-oriented, and always have a courageous outlook towards the future.
Bearing this set of values in mind, Hiexcel integrates with it modern manufacturing techniques, pro-active marketing and sales campaigns, and continuous research and development in order to reach its goal of becoming the leading manufacturer of hologram foils in Asia.

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